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Welcome to the Clan Leslie Society International website.


The purpose of the Clan Leslie Society International is to foster and enhance fellowship among the Leslie family and Septs regardless of where they are in the world. Our goal is to enhance and increase the learning of Leslie history and gather past and future information that we can pass on to our children to give them a sense of belonging to an ancient family.


The Honourable Alexander Leslie,

Chief of Clan Leslie


Clan Crest Badge


This is the clansman’s badge, comprised of the crest from the Chief’s coat of arms, surrounded by a belt and buckle, with the clan motto. It may be worn by all members of the Clan.


Clan Motto:


Grip Fast

CLSI Society Plant

The plant badge of Clan Leslie is the Rue, Latin name Ruta Graveolens, a member of the Rutaceae family, which is related to the common citrus plants of oranges and lemons. The Plant Badge was designed by Karen Leslie to be worn by members of the Society.


Leslie Hunting

Leslie Hunting

Dress Leslie

Clan Leslie has two tartans: the Hunting (or green) and Dress (Red). There are three shades of each - the bolder, darker colors are called ‘modern’, the lighter colours ‘vegetable dye’, and the muted, almost pastel colors are ‘ancient’.


All are correct but there are definitely only these two Leslie tartans. There are rare references to a ‘blue’ Leslie tartan but we do not acknowledge that this has anything to do with the Leslies. Technically a tartan is described by the thread count of the sett, or pattern.


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The Purpose of Our Society:

To gather kindred together in clanship.


To promote, foster, collect and preserve historical and genealogical records and information about descendants of Clan Leslie throughout the world.


To promote knowledge of Clan Leslie specifically and the history and culture of Scotland generally.


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